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2021 Coffee Business Trends to Capitalize On


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Businesses in the coffee or tea sector can benefit from the insights provided by this article if they take action in specific ways. There are several 2021 coffee business trends discussed here and you can capitalize on all of them by adjusting your processes, services, and inventory.

Canned and Bottled Coffee increases in Popularity

Consumers want to enjoy coffee on the go and this is made easier with packaging that keeps their beverage readily available, without the danger of spills. Canned and bottled coffee both meet these needs and in 2021, you’ll see an increase in demand for this type of product.

Consider integrating this form of packaging, whether you produce your own coffee or sell it in your restaurant or café. If your store sells coffee that you import, offer canned or bottled forms of the product as an alternative to what you already have, Quick changes like these help you to make the best of the opportunities that new coffee trends offer

In your restaurant or café, offer customers the option of purchasing a can or bottle of their favorite brew. Some will enjoy having a bottle to take home and it will be an additional source of income for your eatery. You could also introduce the new packaging option via special deals, where customers can buy a cup and get a bottle at half price.

Increase in Conscious Coffee Buyers

More consumers are looking for coffee choices that support their values. They want to know where their coffee is coming from and whether farmers are seeing a fair share of profits. Customers want authenticity, quality, and uniqueness.

Many coffee consumers are moving away from brands that they associate with greed. Looking for Fair Trade coffee options will help your business to thrive in this new buying climate. This trend may continue for years to come, so establish profitable partnerships with small farmers.

Buttered Coffee

Delicious buttered coffee will open up a new world of flavor for customers who are accustomed to just sugar or cream. The buttery flavor of this alternative is a boost for people who eat breakfast in a hurry. Buttered coffee adds vital extra calories to the drink and this is what will make the drink a more popular option in 2021.

Shoppers who are rushing in the mornings and don’t have time to eat a full meal still need energy. Popularity among celebrities helps to fuel this trend. Gourmet magazines that praise buttered coffee for its nutritional benefits will also raise awareness among shoppers who will be asking for this option from your store in 2021.

Single Cup Equipment Increases In Popularity

Many more consumers are looking for their own equipment that they can use to brew a single cup of coffee. In fact, there’s also a segment of the market that wants equipment that can brew both coffee and tea for just one person at a time. Those machines can deliver herbal blends just as easily as blended coffee.

If your store currently has a small number of single-cup machines, pay attention to how these are being displayed and promoted within your store. make sure your customers are aware of the range that you supply. Stay aware of the latest features offered by top brands and host demonstrations to increase interest among shoppers who haven’t yet made up their minds to purchase a new machine of this type.

Digitally-integrated ordering is a 2021 coffee business trend as seen here as a woman pays for her latte with her phone

Digitally-Integrated Ordering

In 2021, consumers will be doing more of their shopping online. Some may want to order coffee via their mobile device while traveling to work. They’ll stop and pick up their coffee minutes later and avoid delays. To benefit from this trend, brands like Dunkin’ and Starbucks have digitized as much of their ordering process as possible.

Even if you have a small café that attracts customers from a wide geographical area, consider digitizing your process in sections where it would reduce the time customers spend waiting in line. Boutique coffee shops such as Bluestone Lane will also increase their use of digital ordering in 2021, and your store cannot afford to be left behind.

Interest In International Coffee Flavors Will Rise

More coffee drinkers are looking for a wider array of flavors. One of the trends for 20201 will reflect this as more consumers across the globe ask for coffee drinks that are found in Asia. Turkish coffee with a powerful bean flavor and Vietnamese coffee with a thicker texture will also be requested more often.

Consider adding Korean whipped coffee such as Dalgona coffee to your menu. Some consumers have mastered Dalgona coffee, so your café can offer specialty Dalgona, such as seasonal Dalgona with pumpkin spice.

Coffee Tourism Becomes More Popular

Coffee shop trends that allow you to cross over into other aspects of the coffee business can help you to increase your earnings. The farm-to-table movement influences 2021 coffee business trends such as these.

If your coffee shop is located in or near a region that grows coffee, you can earn from increasing numbers of millennials who want a holistic coffee experience. They want to drink coffee where it is grown, so if you are already positioned to take advantage of this trend, do so.

Even if you aren’t located in a region that grows coffee, make sure your small café offers a unique experience. Consumers will seek you out in order to enjoy your space if it has décor such as photos of coffee plantations or interesting educational experiences.

Snapchilled Coffee

Cold brewing was once very popular but in 2021, coffee trends will reflect a desire among consumers for coffee that is deliciously fresh. Snapchilled coffee offers the fresh taste that coffee drinkers crave. The process is faster than cold brewing and you don’t need to dilute the coffee by adding ice cubes.


Growing, selling, and brewing coffee has always been profitable. In 2021, entrepreneurs will have even more opportunities to make money, through tourism that is focused on the whole coffee experience. Whether your business is large or small, you can maximize these emerging trends in order to experience further growth.

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